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Pitches and Basement Board applications are currently open!


Interested in being a part of the Basement Board?

Applications are due February 9th
We are currently looking for 
Associate Artistic Director -
Preside at all meetings and functions that the Artistic Director cannot attend. The Associate Artistic Director shall also curate meeting minutes, assist the AD in all matters necessary, and take over for the AD when needed.
Associate Financial Director - Managing the financial records, meeting with each director to agree upon a budget, reimbursing directors in a timely fashion, and running the bank account and shortcode.
Associate Development Director - Maintaining grant applications each semester and finding ways to raise money and planning fundraising events of various natures.
Associate Marketing Director - Generating avertising and publicity, updating various forms of BA social media, printing posters and programs, contacting media about upcoming performances, and contacting the Graphic Designer about all forms of publicity.
Graphic Designer - Design each show's posters, designing season literature and publicity.
Website/Newsletters Coordinator - Updating the website with proper SEO and Metadata information as well as engaging our newsletter subscribers.
Associate DEI Chair - Ensuring safe and welcoming environments. Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to assisting directors when needed and flagging possible problematic content in scripts.
Associate Fight and Intimacy Director - Providing production support during moments of fight and intimacy. This person will assist in choreographing and staging these moments.
Associate Late Night Producer - Assisting Late Night Producers in coordinating all Late Night events in the Newman Studio, including but not limited to 24 Hour Theatre and Mx. Walgreen Drag Pageant.


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