Basement Arts is looking to fill the following positions for the 2021-2022 academic school year:

 -Associate artistic director

-DEI AssociatE

- Sound DESIGNEr

 - 2 Late Night Associates (one head and one associate)

- Outreach Associates (1 head, 1 associate)

- Associate Stage Manager 

- Associate Literary Manager

- Fight and Intimacy Coordinator

Interested in Applying? Find position descriptions below, and click the button below to sign up for an interview!


Associate artistic director:

      The associate artistic director will be responsible for assisting the artistic director in overseeing basement arts operations; there is a strong possibility that this person will eventually become the basement arts artistic director.


DEI AssociatE:

    We are in search of a dei associate who can assist the dei manager in implementing anti-racist practices throughout all basement arts-related events, rehearsals, etc. 

Sound Editor:

    With the assumption that much of our winter '21 season will be in a digital format, we are looking for someone who can help edit our season's content from a music/sound perspective. Anyone with this kind of experience is encouraged to apply!

Late Night Associates:

   Late night Associates lead planning of Basement arts-sponsored late night events, such as actor peppers and 24-hour theatre. this team will frequently Collaborate with the Artistic Department at the beginning of each semester to choose the LateNight season, and with the outreach Team to find talent across campus for LateNight events. Additionally, this team frequently serves as a Liaison between LateNight directors and BA Board members

Outreach Associates:

     this team will be responsible for facilitating collaboration with other University groups and resources to better support productions. 


Associate Stage Manager:

     this person will serve as an Assistant to the resident basement Arts stage manager, helping with upkeep of the newman and with coordinating rehearsals/other needs from directors and cast members.

Associate Literary Manager:

   The associate literary manager assists the literary manager in providing Dramaturgical support of new/non-original works in our Mainstage season. Additionally, this position requires significant collaboration with outreach and with blank space workshop. 

Fight and Intimacy Coordinator: 

     this person is responsible for staging all instances involving intimacy and/or violence in any basement arts production. Anyone interested is encouraged to apply, regardless of combat experience, as BA will be connecting this person with resources to obtain the needed skills for this position!