"Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm?" 



WHO PUT BELLA IN THE WYCH ELM? is a one-act horror drama set in the year 2042 on the banks of Lake Superior in Michigan’s upper peninsula. Harper, an AFAB nonbinary person, has invited their childhood best friend Olive and her recent girlfriend Gray to the campsite they used to return to every summer. The site, which held special significance to Harper and their family, is now dilapidated and abandoned due to the increasing frequency of drought, wildfires, and food scarcity due to the ongoing climate crisis. Over the course of a single night, the three young queer people wrestle with each other and their future in an increasingly desolate and violent world. 

*This show contains blood, needles, transphobia, gore, some violence, and death.*



Harper – nonbinary transmasc, uses they/them pronouns: introverted; conflict-avoidant; tenderqueer; careful; bad at making decisions; recently started hormones; too smart for their own good; no small talk; non-threatening boys; 0 effort skincare; pre-med; glasses; frequently bleeding

Olive – femme, uses she/her: crunchy; a mom friend; is most comfortable when crossed; posts too much; easy liar; psychoanalyst; fake hippie; thrifts but also orders fast-fashion sweatshop tops online; easily distracted; flower crowns; born in the wrong generation; bicon; no makeup makeup

Gray – femme, uses she/her: badass musician; wiseass; fear is the mind killer; fuckboi; butch-er than you; can’t sit still; stoney; volume all the way up; keeps it real; heartthrob; most likely to live through the apocalypse; disaffected; loves daria; might have bullied you in elementary school; better to burn out than fade away; gay as fuck



Wednesday and Thursday February 23rd & 24th in the Large Classroom from 6:30pm to 10pm. Callbacks will be Friday February 25th in the same location. 

Rehearsals will take place from March 6th through March 23rd, with performances taking place the weekend of March 25th.



To schedule an audition, please fill out both the sign-up form and audition form at the buttons below. Since this is a horror play and a bit of a ghost story, we don’t want you to prepare a monologue for auditions. Instead, tell us a scary story! It can be one you’ve written or heard before or read before or one you just found on the Internet. Feel free to find one anywhere, and it does NOT have to be memorized! We just want to hear a spooky story from you!