Want to Propose for our Winter 2019 MainStage Season?

Here's a checklist to get you started!

A Basement Arts MainStage Proposal Form should consist of:

  • Synopsis of the play/show and why you’re interested in working with Basement Arts

  • List your preferred performance time slots:

    • We are currently accepting proposals for the following slots:

      • February 27-28 

      • March 15-16 

      • March 29-30

      • April 19-20

  • Production Team

    • List the team members you have and the team members you may still need. 


  • Technical Elements List

    • Description of the lights, props, set, costumes necessary for this production. It may help to create a scene breakdown for your proposal, if your show requires many props.


  • Conflicts

    • List of projects that you will also be involved in during this process, including the conflicts of production team members if applicable.


  • Rehearsal Schedule

    • Depending on the slot and semester, the Basement Arts process is 3 weeks long, not including auditions and readings. This means 2 weeks of rehearsal and 1 week of tech leading to a weekend of 3 performances (Fri. 7pm + 11pm, Sat. 7pm), with the exception of the February slot, which will have a Wednesday + Thursday performance slot at the same times.  

    • Please note that for the Winter 2019 Season, our early performances will begin at 7pm.


  • Budget

    • Basement Arts provides each show with a budget of about $150, depending on the number of shows per season. Keep in mind, the rights of your show do not come out of your $150 stipend. For budgeting a show, we expect each director to have (something along the lines of) an Excel spreadsheet of everything they will need, where they will get it (even if it’s in Storage), and its cost. This isn’t just a penciled list on college-ruled paper. 

    • *We realize budgeting isn’t easy, but it's essential to a show’s success. 

  • Your resumé.


  • And finally, the attached script.

Still have questions about what your proposal should look like?

View an example proposal here: 


All proposal materials should be sent to basementarts.official@umich.edu by

Sunday, January 13th at 2pm.

Following the completion and submission of their proposal, each director must sign up for a 20 minute interview slot.

Sign up for your interview here:



Winter 2019 Proposal Interviews will be held on Sunday, January 20th from 10am-4pm.

If you cannot attend any of our interview time slots, email the Artistic Director, Kellan Kryak, at kellan@umich.edu to schedule an accommodation

If you have any questions, please forward them to basementarts.official@umich.edu, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Looking forward to seeing your submission! 

All our best, 

The Artistic Team at Basement Arts 

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