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Auditions will take place Saturday, February 22nd from 1pm-4pm in the Large Classroom (Walgreen Drama Center)


Sign up for a time slot below and bring in a 1-2 minute contemporary monologue. ADDITIONALLY, you MUST SEND YOUR HEADSHOT AND RESUME TO lkenner@umich.edu BEFORE YOUR AUDITION.

Be prepared to read some of the sides that are attached below.

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Callbacks will take place on Sunday, February 23rd from 4pm- 7pm in the Large Classroom (Walgreen Drama Center). If you are called back, please bring movement attire.


Rehearsals will start the week of February 24th

Performances: March 20 and 21st

Conflicts with: Beautiful Country and My One and Only


If you have any questions, email lkenner@umich.edu!


On the verge of a break down, Allegra searches for purpose in various relationships due to her father’s pending death. She befriends a strange, popular girl, named Suzy. But when Suzy’s friendship almost costs Allegra her life, she must decide between love and self preservation before she ruin’s someone else’s life or her own. 




Allegra is a young girl with a passion for dance. Allegra’s father is near death, and through her friendship with Suzy she finds a distraction through her day job. Allegra should be a mover, but does not necessarily have to be a dancer.



Joe is a patient at the group home where Allegra and Suzy are employed. Joe has mild autism, which has been misdiagnosed for a more severe mental illness. He fixates on ballerinas and forms a beautiful friendship with Allerga. Joe has a troubled past - that affects how he behaves under duress. Joe has a heart of gold and will do anything to protect those he loves.



Suzy is Allegra’s new friend, who helps Allegra acquire employment. She likes makeup, shoplifting, and stealing people’s boyfriends. It is all a mask to cover the deep trauma Suzy has experienced. Suzy puts up a tough front but she requires a deep level of vulnerability. Suzy should be a dancer, but choreography can be adjusted.

The Waitress:

This unnamed character is quite integral to the plot of Pretty Theft. The Waitress has a quick wit and interesting banter with Marco, which is not quite understood until the last scene of the play. She is intelligent, attractive, and very perceptive. More so than Marco thinks she is. The Waitress is the first to detect something off with Marco.


Marco is an art dealer, who visits a diner in the middle of nowhere. He strikes up a flirtatious conversation with the Waitress. Their relationship can be characterized by a cat and mouse. They circle each other in dialogue until the penultimate scene.


Bobby is Allegra’s boyfriend at the beginning of the show. He is fun loving and charismatic, but too vain for his own good. Bobby has tunnel vision and can only clearly focus on what is directly in front of him. 



Non specific to gender. The ballerinas fuel the story along and should be movers. They should be willing to collaborate.



-Allegra’s mom


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