Propose to our Fall 2020 MainStage Season!

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Proposals are due Sunday, September 5th at 11:59pm, with in-person/virtual interviews taking place from Monday, September 6th, to Friday, September 10th. The purpose of proposals is for you to describe your process, detail why your project is important to you and to the greater UM student community, and let us know what you anticipate needing from us. Please refer to our new mission and anti-racist statements and our proposal advice document for guidance. 


Below is everything you need in your proposal:

  • Synopsis of the piece including the title, author(s), cast size, etc. 

  • List your preferred performance slot(s):

    • October 15-16

    • October 29-30

    • November 12-13

    • December 3-4

    • January 14-15

  • Production Team. List the team members you have and the team members you may still need. 

  • Technical Elements List. Describe the lights, props, set, costumes necessary for this production. It may help to create a scene breakdown for your proposal, if your show requires many props.

  • Rehearsal Schedule. The Basement Arts rehearsal process is 3 weeks long, not including auditions. This means 2 weeks of rehearsal and 1 week of tech leading to a weekend of 3 performances (Fri 7pm & 11pm, Sat 7pm). 

  • Conflicts. List any projects that you will also be involved in during your desired slot’s rehearsal and performance process as well as this semester, including the conflicts of production team members if applicable. 

  • Budget. Basement Arts is applying for this season’s funding through a grant application and will need to know how much to ask for once our season is selected. Something like an Excel spreadsheet listing everything you will need, where you will get it, and its cost will be extremely helpful to us. The more detailed you are, the easier this process will be!  

  • Why Statement. Tell us why this piece is important to you and why you would like to bring it to life through Basement Arts. 

  • Community Engagement. Tell us about a theme in your piece that you will engage your cast and the community at large in deeper thought and action with. Examples of community engagement that we encourage include working with other organizations across campus to educate and engage. Get creative! For questions about community engagement, please email Artistic Director  

  • And finally, attach the script if you have a copy. 


Your proposal materials should be sent to by

Sunday, September 5th at 11:59 pm. 


Following the completion and submission of your proposal, you must sign up for a 30-minute interview slot. Interviews will be held Monday September 6th through Friday September 10th. A link to sign up for an interview slot will be shared with you upon your submission. 

If you have any questions, please forward them to, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to welcoming you back to the Newman and to seeing your submissions! 


​All our best, 

The Artistic Team at Basement Arts